Sunday, October 12, 2008

I did it!!!

I did it!!! I passed!! To my relief! I haven't been this nervous in a LONG time. I wanted to so badly represent my instructor and the my fellow NAK friends with pride. I wanted to show that a woman can be just as tough and fight just as hard as anybody else. I trained so hard for this test I didn't want to fail. All in all, it went really well. My test wasn't as long as I thought it would be. And he didn't throw anything difficult my way. I did injure myself, but hey, this isn't foo-foo karate. I had such a great time and I want to thank all those who came or called or wrote to show their support. Couldn't of done it without you all.
Right before we begin our test we put our belts on. Typically, there is a moment where we breathe and center our thoughts, shown here.
Belts are on, now we are about to start. My blue top lets others know that I am an instructor. (incase you were wondering)I am waiting my turn. I am very nervous, so I am trying to distract myself. My test has started. Usually, testers go through their "material" first. I am doing my kicking sets here.

I am now being surrounded by 6 guys; some have weapons, some don't. The judges want to make sure I can survive a multiple attack.

At this point, I have taken his club and am now using it against him. :) Don't you love my great faces?!

So here is my injury. During my multiple attackers I decided to head butt a practice knife. No, it was actually an accident. Take my advice, don't duck on a knife.

I am finished!!! Next test, 3 years from now.