Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Turkey Trot . . . Say what?

I know, I know, you are all rubbing your eyes at the title of this posting. "Turkey Trot?" you say. "Wasn't that, like, 6 weeks ago?" you ask in bewilderment.

Yes, yes it's true. I am THE slowest blogger this side of the Mississippi. Now that you know my weakness here is my LONG overdue post about the Turkey Trot.

All my life (get comfortable), I have wanted to run with ease. But, I have not been blessed with such an ability. Instead, I was blessed with the desire, but no gas. (well that's not entirely true, ha ha) Well, I have been really working on being a better runner, and so I decided to give the Turkey Trot 10k a go. My sis-in-law Shay is one of those gifted runners (she did a half marathon!). We decided to run together and I was SO nervous. I didn't want to pass out, or puke, or faint, or slow her down. I REALLY wanted to be able to run alongside her the WHOLE time. Well, I am happy to report that none of those horrible things happened, I was able to complete it and run the whole thing with Shay. YIPPEEE!!!

One more quick thing, my 7 year old son Parker ran the 2 mile. Non-stop. What a stud!!!