Monday, May 18, 2009

Funk Fit; It's happening!!!

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. And now I can!! I am very excited to bring you Funk Fit; Group Training.

Funk Fit Group Training w/ Jessica Walters

Functional Group Training is a high
intensity workout designed to strengthen the entire body while having tons of fun! It is a mixture of boot camp, kickboxing, core training, and resistance training. The best part about Functional Group Training is that you can do it with your friends!

Functional Group Training comes to you! Gather 7 of your closest friends/family and I will come to your house or your closest park. The best part of the deal is the host trains for free!!

Groups of 8 (including the host): $10 per class/2 per wk
Groups of 6 (including host): $14 per class/2 per wk
Groups of 4 (including host): $22 per class/2 per wk

Each session is 4 weeks, each class is one hour. Payment is collected in advance. Cash, check or pay pal is accepted. To register call leave feeback or call me.


The Farmer's Wife said...

I SO wish I lived close to you.
I would do THAT in a heartbeat!


Have fun without me, though!

The Farmer's Wife said...


Make some DVDs and I'll buy them.
Hey! That's a good idea!

Think about it.

Wendi and Eric said...

What a great idea. I would love get funk fit with you. Can I join in on the weeks I visit?

Kristal said...

That sounds AWESOME! I'll bet you'll kick butt, too. My only complaint is that you should've started a few months ago, ya know - BEFORE we moved :D Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Jammin' Jen said...

What a cool idea! Funk Fit, eh? That so works. It's the next cool thing.